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Want To Visit Tokyo? Watch Mitsuboshi Colors!

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Travel To Tokyo Through Anime

Want To Visit Tokyo? It’s Easy, Just Watch Mitsuboshi Colors!

J-List is based in Gunma, about 100 km north of Tokyo, a location I like because I can visit Tokyo and explore its various neighborhoods as a tourist rather than a resident. I like to hang out in Shinjuku, home of my favorite drinking area Golden-gai, people-watch in fashionable Harajuku, or visit Ryogoku, a traditional neighborhood where you can see sumo wrestlers everywhere you look. Another place I like to bum around in is Ueno (“oo-ay-no”), a pleasant area where you can find weird gifts in Ame-Yoko — the old black market back during the war — get some really good Indian curry, shop for toys at the best toy store in Tokyo, then go see cherry blossoms in Ueno Park.

Ueno is also the setting of the currently airing “cute girls doing cute things” show Mitsuboshi Colors, which follows three cute girls — crybaby Yui, energetic Sacchan and video game-addicted Kotoha — as they have various cute adventures in their corner of Tokyo, usually getting yelled at by a policeman named Saito in the process. One odd thing about this show’s approach is, while most anime series hide their “holy lands” to force fans to work to find the anime locations, this series is working with an area that’s already extremely famous to anyone who’s visited Tokyo. The show has high quality animation and is really cute, essentially a combination of Ichigo Marshmallow and Yotsuba&.

Do you want to visit Tokyo? You can do it easily with Mitsuboshi Colors!

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