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Examining the Important of Anime Memes

I continue to enjoy the current anime season, working through various series to see which ones are worthy of introducing to J-List readers. Part of my job so to filter through social media to identify which shows will be anointed as “designated meme engines” by fans, sources of fun anime memes that will be endlessly shared across the Internet. Once a series starts to develop critical mass, it will bring in more anime memes and make the show even more popular. Currently one of the top shows is Blend S, about a girl with a scary face who goes to work in a cafe where she’s required to wear a persona of a ドS, pronounced doh-esu, translatable as “so wonderfully sadistic, you’d willingly sit through the Haruhi Endless Eight to avoid displeasing her” (or as one of my Twitter followers suggested, “sadistilicious”). It’s interesting to study the sources of anime memes on the Internet. Will they be based on high quality Pixiv art, or fan-generated material from Reddit? Will men and women of culture appreciate a good pair of anime thighs, or will they respond with Pickle Rick memes or anime rap videos instead? If you’re not a fan of the Blend S anime, I’ve got the perfect response for you.

When creators go to make new characters for an anime or game, they naturally want to choose traits that will be fresh and interesting to fans while charming at the same time. In the now-shipping Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest, the player teams up the ruler of Zipang (Japan) to unify the world, adding super-cute female versions of characters from history to his harem as he conquers other lands. Some of the colorful characters include:

  • Napolean, the leader of the EU and a classic tsundere who’s secretly fascinated by BL and yaoi, along with Nostradamus. She suffers A-cup angst about her flat chest.
  • Yoshitsune also has a complex about her bust, so she pads it. But people start to get suspicious when she declines to go to the onsen bath with everyone else.
  • Nobunaga gets curious about sex after joining the main character’s harem, then is caught by the main character ordering a sex toy online, to her great embarrassment.
  • Marco Polo is sent from the EU to Mongolia to spy on Kublai Kahn, but fell in love with her instead, creating one of the game’s more interesting yuri pairings.
  • Tutankhamun, the queen of Egypt, is ridiculously shy and likes to hide in her sarcophagus.
  • Rasputin of the Russian Empire, is ドM doh-emu, the opposite of ドS doh-esu, above, i.e. a serious masochist. She loves it when Ivan the Terrible goes to work on her.
  • Lancelot, a knight of the Round Table under Queen Arthur, is always hungry.

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