Weekly Shonen Jump Celebrate 50th Anniversary with a Limited Run of Georgia Coffee Cans

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Manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump is currently celebrating their 50th anniversary, and they’ve recently announced a collaboration with the popular coffee brand, Georgia.

「ジョージア」週刊少年ジャンプ50周年 コラ

To celebrate their anniversary in style, they’ve collaborated with Georgia to produce limited edition coffee cans with legendary manga scenes on the cans, with a unique code on each can allowing customers to enjoy one issue of their favorite manga from the Weekly Shonen Jump app.

If you input five codes between now and the 3rd of June, you get entered into a raffle to win five ultra-rare cans, which aren’t obtainable in any other way. If you enter another five codes between the 4th of June and 16th of July, you will automatically be entered into a draw to win all five ultra-rare cans, which will be delivered to your doorstep in a special Weekly Shonen Jump box.

In addition, the manga quotes have been modified to represent Georgia’s coffee.

Here are a few examples:

Weekly Shonen Jump Celebrate 50th Anniversary With A Limited Run Of Georgia Coffee Cans Dragon Ballz Goku

“It’s my treat, Frieza!!!!” (Goku from Dragon Ball Z)

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