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What Are Your Favorite Anime Fetishes?

Written by HotAnime

New Fetish 1d Woman

What Are Your Favorite Anime Fetishes?

In addition to watching anime so I can report on the best shows to you here, and working hard on great English visual novel releases like Eiyu*Senki and our new Monster Girl harem game, I also keep an eye on whatever the current fetish the anime world is into, so our staff can stock the appropriate products on the site, if appropriate. J-List has been around since forever, and I’ve seen a lot of anime fetishes and related booms come and go, including…

However, anime fetishes are always moving and changing. What will be the next boom? Will it be super clean underarms? See-through white dresses? Tanlines? Whatever the hell this is? Or maybe the natural progression from 3D to 2D characters will continue, resulting in everyone falling in love with 1D characters who lack any depth at all. What do you think?

We hope 2018 is going well for you so far! Tomorrow I’m off with Mrs. J-List to Guam for some well-earned rest and relaxation after the busy Christmas season. Guam is a small island paradise that’s a three hour flight from Japan that’s visited by millions of Japanese, Chinese and Korean tourists each year. It’s also a place that’s been threatened with a nuclear attack by Kim Jong Un at various times last year. We’re going to Guam to relax and have fun, but also to show that we’re not afraid of unpleasant North Korean dictators. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you when we get back!

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