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What to Watch in the New Anime Season

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Seiren girls and kanna kobayashi and gabriel dropout in the new anime season

The current anime season is winding down, and I’m doing my best to keep up with the shows that were especially good this time around (Scum’s Wish, Gabriel Dropout, Demi-chan, Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid). Looking at the new anime season — here’s a blog post about the 20 most anticipated shows that are coming our way soon — there are several I know I’ll be paying attention to, including:

  • Saekano 2. The new season of How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend beings back the awesomeness of Utaha-senpai, Eriri and Kato in a continuation of the best-executed harem anime in years. I think I’ll re-watch the original to prepare for the new anime season.
  • Eromanga Sensei. By the creator of Oreimo, this tells the story of a light novel writer in high school who has his works illustrated by a mysterious but talented artist nicknamed “Professor Ero Manga,” which turns out to be hikikomori younger sister.
  • Starting the Magical Book from Zero. I know nothing about it, but this figure managed to catch my attention. Funny how that can happen.
  • Sword Oratoria: A gaiden (side story) in the DanMachi universe, made in accordance with the 1945 Pottsdam Declaration requiring Japan to have one SAO-derived fantasy anime per season.
  • Space Battleship Yamato 2202. We’re getting a proper Comet Empire arc, which was even darker and more excellent than the original Iscandar saga. Not part of the “season” per se because it’s only being released in movie theaters then on Blu-ray. You can preorder the first volume with subtitles here.

One show that’s nearing its end is Seiren, the sequel to Amagami, that takes a new main character and pairs him with three new heroines, each girl getting her own four-episode arc. (There are six girls total, and we’ll presumably get the other three in a future season if the show is successful commercially.) Since I consider Amagami to be the finest high school romance anime ever made, the bar for Seiren was very high. Before I even started the show, I had fun guessing what kinds of heroines we’d meet. I went with an energetic “genki” classmate, a senpai from one grade higher, and an osana-najimi childhood friend, and I got those three right. I’m currently finishing up the third arc featuring Kyouko, a childhood friend of the main character, which means she lives near him and went to the same elementary and junior high school. (Because high schools require entrance exams like universities, students nearly always end up going to different high schools than their neighborhood friends, depending on their academic level and personal goals.) Mrs. J-List guffawed at the idea that anyone would date a childhood friend. “They know everything about you, every embarrassing thing you did as a child. It’d be very rare to think of them as a romantic partner.

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