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What Would You Do with a “Kiss Note”?

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Just as you never know what stocks will go up or down in the stock market, it’s remarkably hard to tell which new anime series will be embraced by fans. Major series like Seiren, Akiba’s Trip and Chaos;Child all started out well then brought varying levels of disappointment with most fans, while dark horse Kemono Friends won millions of devotees with its cute but quirky-dark story. One day I was browsing the Internet for interesting neta — a word that refers to the fish part of a piece of sushi, but also joke material for a comedian, visual materials for a person about to engage in ménage à moi, and in my case, ideas for these blog posts that I do — and I came across a goofy image that pretty much guaranteed I’d be watching the new Renai Boukun (aka The Very Lovely Tyrant of Love). Somewhat similar to Monster Musume to Iru Nichijou or Gabriel DropOut in feel, Renai Boukun is a goofy stream of slapstick involving a demon Cupid-esque angel named Guri, a Kiss Note (like a Death Note, except it causes people whose names are written to fall in love), lots of yuri and yaoi jokes, and the best yandere heroine of the season. In a world with many serious and dramatic anime shows, Renai Boukun is one you can just turn off your brain and enjoy.

It’s nice living in Gunma, located 100 km north of Tokyo. I get to enjoy the wide-open spaces with big parks to take my kids to, access to cheap land (when J-List needed to build a new warehouse it wasn’t difficult to do), no fewer than five different onsen hot springs within 5 km of the office, plus I can drive my car up Mt. Akagi if I have a free afternoon. Still, Tokyo is the cultural center of Japan, and more and more I find myself finding excuses to go down and do cool stuff there, like bumming around the art and history museums in Ueno Park. Sometimes I find some part of Tokyo I want to visit, but instead of taking the train, I get out my phone and have Google Maps walk me there, which is fun because I always discover interesting neighborhoods I’d never knew about. (Last time I did this I found a memorial to the victims of the 1945 Tokyo Air Raid that I’d never known existed.) Recently I realized I’d never visited the famous Tsukiji Fish Market area, which consists of the actual tuna market plus dozens of shops selling the most amazing fresh fish, sushi, Chinese shumai dumplings, and tamago-yaki, so I went there this morning with Mrs. J-List. It was heavenly.

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We’ve been posting a lot of detailed reviews of our world-famous onaholes on our new blog, and today we’re highlighting the Virgin Matchless Onahole, which simulates a “Puffy Vulva” toy that’s super detailed and fun for male stress relief. The toy goes beyond reality, offering an experience that surpasses the real thing because it’s not constrained by nature. Read our in-depth review, or browse the product here.

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