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What’s Your Anime Fetish?

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what's your anime fetish?

The Anime Fetish Possibilities of 2D are Unlimited

One thing I love about anime and related fandom is the huge amount of imagination, both from professional anime and manga creators as well as fan artists, that goes into making amazing material for us to enjoy. This creativity also extends to the world of fetishes, if your mind bends that way, and if you like you can obsess about just about anything you can imagine. Do you like it when girls put their hair behind their ear in a cute feminine gesture? Or wear sexy jeans? How about girls wearing wet school uniforms with plaid skirts and thighhighs? There’s art of that to collect and enjoy. Maybe your thing is pink-haired girls in the shower? Bandaged leg zettai ryouiki stockings? It’s all possible through the miracle of 2D! Entirely new anime fetish categories can be created, too, like the Kancolle-girls-holding-out-gloves-in-a-suggestive-way art pioneered by Hinatamizu. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’ll know I’m famous for having “over 9000” fetishes, though my only real obsession is one thing: really creatively conceived and well-drawn art. Okay, and Haruka’s feet… So, what’s your latest anime fetish?

Fall is my favorite season in Japan, and whenever the cooler weather arrives, I like to look around for interesting places to visit inside my home prefecture of Gunma. Over the weekend I grabbed my camera and headed out to Kiryu, a pleasant city with lots of temples and shrines that’s been known for its silk manufacturing for more than 1200 years. Every part of Japan goes out of its way to promote a certain 名物 meibutsu or “famous thing,” and one thing Kiryu is famous for is an extremely wide, flat kind of udon noodle called Himokawa Udon, which I was sure to eat while I was there. Gunma is the setting for the Initial D mountain racing anime, but don’t try driving fast in Kiryu. Being a classic castle town, the roads are extremely narrow and winding, with lots of railroad crossings, which slow down traffic since you’re required to stop by law and check for approaching trains.

Is there some part of Japan you’d like to visit someday? Tell us on Twitter! Maybe I can write about it here!

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