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Who is the Best Anime Dad? And My Family is a Jojo Reference

Written by HotAnime

Father's Day Anime Who Is The Best Father

This Sunday is Father’s Day, a great day to think about our own fathers and give them a big hug if you can. It’s also a good time to reflect on anime fathers. One reason anime is so good is that it’s a medium where stories that involve real family emotions can be told, and the feels the stories generate can deeply affect us all. Some of my picks for best anime Dad included…

  • Akio Furukawa, the stoic father of Nagisa from Clannad who must endure so much suffering in his family.
  • Genma Saotome from Ranma 1/2. How many dads can teach you martial arts and also turn into a giant panda?
  • Gendo Ikari. He’s kind of a jerk in the 1995 series but is much more mellow in the movie remakes. Plus, how many dads will give their sons giant robots to pilot?
  • Goku, whose kindness and strength was an inspiration for his son Gohan. He played the role of “anime father figure” to many kids growing up without dads, the same way I idolized William Shatner from Star Trek while growing up fatherless.
  • The father from Totoro, who rides his kids around the neighborhood on his bicycle