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Who Was Your First Anime Crush?

Written by HotAnime

who was your first anime crush?

Was Your First Crush an Anime Crush? Tell Us!

One of the more embarrassing questions we all face is, who was your first crush? For most people growing up, it would have generally been a famous actor or singer who caught our eye and engaged our imagination for a time. For me growing up in the late 1970s, it was a toss-up between Olivia Newton-John, Battlestar Galactica-era Jane Seymour and…Nova from Star Blazers, who was arguably the first female character in anime cute and/or complex enough to obsess about. (Fujiko from Lupin III would have made a decent anime crush, had I known of her existence at the time.) Seeing the first really intense love story in anime — the original SDF Macross — with its love triangle between Minmei, Misa and Hikaru, also amazed me, since it was nothing that had been present in animation before, and it forced you to rationalize why you preferred this romantic outcome or that. I know from talking with J-List customers on Facebook,