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Why Do You Need This School Romance Anime? Just Because!

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A New School Romance Anime

A New School Romance Anime, and Big News for Eroge Fans

One show that really snuck up on me this season has been Just Because!, an original series that can be described as the most realistic high school romance anime I can remember watching. It’s the story of four friends who are about to graduate from high school together, and about their low-key romantic relationships. Eita is in love with Mio, who loves someone else; Eita’s friend Haruto wants to confess his feelings for Hazuki, who is preparing for university; and Komina is a second-year student who just wants to take the perfect photo so she can save her photography club. Like The Pet Girl of Sakura-sou (which is by the same writer), Just Because! is an emotional story but also one that’s calming and peaceful somehow, a genre referred to as 癒し系 iyashi-kei in Japanese. All modern anime series are set in real locations both to add dimension to the story and to give fans an excuse to visit the 聖地 seichi or “holy lands” from the series, and the Shonan and Kamakura region south of Yokohama (a nice part of Japan) are very much a part of this story. Why should you start watching this pleasant school romance anime? Just because!

J-List has been involved with licensing and translating visual novels and related games from Japan for more than two decades, and it’s fun to look back and look at where we’ve come from. When we started selling our first three English hentai games, we were frankly years ahead of the curve, and I spent most of my time at anime conventions explaining that, no, these weren’t anime DVDs, but English-translated dating-sim games for Windows in which you interacted with cute girls. Happily, fans were very supportive, allowing us to license better and better games, leading up to our big news today…

Eiyu*Senki is up on Steam

We’re happy to announce that Eiyu*Senki has launched on Steam, and immediately gone to the top of the charts for new releases. In comparison to the fully uncut and uncensored download and package versions available through J-List, the Steam version includes:

  • The full game with maps and tactical battles, hundreds of side quests and hundreds of hours of gameplay
  • Fully voiced game, with 70 unique characters from history and legend to recruit
  • Mature themes and many mature images left in, including some nudity
  • Sex scenes have been removed, in keeping with Steam’s policies
  • There will be an official uncensor patch that restores all game content available for purchase from JAST USA. (Check the front page of J-List or our Twitter account for the link when it’s ready.)

Which version is right for you? You can get the Steam version now during our 20% launch sale, or grab either the basic, limited or collector’s package editions from J-List, which are all 100% uncensored and come with great extras like soundtrack, art cards and the most gorgeous artbook we’ve ever published for a game, items which will never be reprinted and can only be purchased now. (The top two package versions come with a Steam key inside, too, for free.) Whatever version you buy, thanks for supporting visual novels, so we can make more great games in the future!

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