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Why We Protecc Moe Anime Girls

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Why we protecc Moe anime girls

Why We Protecc Our Favorite Anime Girls

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I’m spending a few days in Tokyo, hanging out with the staff members who make the J-List Facebook, Twitter and Discord possible, who are visiting from overseas. It’s fun bumming around Ikebukuro and Shibuya and exploring new places with the guys. When visitors plan a trip to Japan, it’s understandable they might view the country through anime-colored glasses before arriving, only to learn that that reality is not like it appears when viewed through otaku pop culture. Well, the room my friends ended up renting is amazing, the most pure and excellent shrine to the One Piece anime and manga the world has ever seen, with hundreds of figures, posters, puzzles, keychains and more displayed in every corner, with the most valuable figures secured in locked cases. I literally laid my head down on a One Piece pillow to sleep last night.

There are many reasons we might find ourselves drawn to Japanese pop culture, including the desire to access a medium with the freedom to tell stories we can’t find anywhere else, or wanting to keep up with the shows and tropes that so often define our modern culture. Another reason might be to access emotions we normally don’t experience as part of our daily lives. One of the strongest emotional reactions in anime is moe, which is the protective feeling we get when confronted with a cute anime girl in need of help due to weakness or (usually charming) character faults. Sometimes, images create emotional conflicts inside us, as with the “protecc one girl, the others will be bullied an neglected” image I tweeted a few days ago, which caused quite a reaction from readers. Another example of the way anime can bring out strong emotions in us is this image I made back during the “pregnancy announcement” meme boom. I only added just a few pixels to the image, but the emotional tone of the image is totally changed. What do you think about the image?

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