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Why You Should Watch ‘My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch’

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My girlfriend is a Shobitch and anime fetishes

Exploring Interesting Fetishes in the ‘Virgin Bitch’ Anime

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One anime I’m enjoying is the oddly titled My Girlfriend is Shobitch, aka My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch, about a boy named Haruka who confesses his feeling to the cutest girl in class, Akiho Kosaka, and she accepts his request to go steady. However, Akiko is a little quirky and assumes she must cater to whatever sexual desires her new boyfriend expresses, hence the “bitch” in the anime title, which means something like “slut” when used in Japanese. Because of this, she’s always doing things like promising to memorize the classical 48 sexual positions or exploring bizarre cosplay or talking to him in a sadistic tone to see whether he likes being treated as an “M” (masochist). While most of the humor flows from Akiko’s awkward attempts at being a good girlfriend, there’s the usual cadre of other girls to add drama and comedy. This anime is very similar to last season’s My First Girlfriend is a Gal, though instead of dating a “gal” (who is expected to be sexually promiscuous), the main character is dating his class representative, a girl who’s proper in every way…except that she’s more of a pervert than he is.

In My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch, Akiko says to Haruka, “Since we’re going to be dating, I need to know what your fetishes are. It’s a very important thing for a girl to be aware of her boyfriend’s inner desires.” I posted a screenshot of that scene to J-List’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to ask what our readers’ fetishes are. Here are some of the more interesting answers I got…

Well how about you? What interesting fetishes or obsessions have you gotten from watching anime?

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