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Would You Play Video Games with a Cute Girl?

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Serval anime style experient and the Gamers anime

Are You Watching the Gamers Anime?

What’s the one thing that connects nearly everyone under the age of 50? We grew up playing various types of video games, and usually love shooting things, evading evil monsters, solving fun puzzles or finding simulated love in game form. That’s the background of the Gamers anime, a very relatable love comedy about a group of high school kids united by their love of video games. Keita is a lonely boy who has no friends, until one day the beautiful Tendou Karen invites him to join the school’s gaming club. It’s the beginning of a new world for Keita, and before he knows it he has a circle of friends plus more than a little romance-related teenage awkwardness that’s just adorable. One thing I love about the Gamers anime is the opening credits, which are filled with classic video game references from all of our childhoods.

(My own life as a gamer started with the Atari 2600 then moved on to the 8-bit Atari computers so I could learn to program, though I have distant memories of playing awful ASCII based Space Invaders games on the Wang mainframes at my mother’s work. What was the first game you fell in love with?)

It’s interesting, the way character designs cause our perceptions to change, including how we feel emotionally about each character. There’s a famous image that shows what Mio from K-On! would look like if she were drawn in the 90s, the 80s, the 70s, and so on, and it’s interesting to analyze our feelings about each one. One of the most popular characters these days is Serval, the serval cat from the surprise hit Kemono Friends, about wild animals who became sentient after a [redacted for spoilers]. An amazing user on twitter decided to draw Serval in the style of other popular anime series, from Jojo to Madoka to K-On!, and it’s incredible to see. Check it out the full version here! Which design do you like best?

New doujinshi and artbooks

Our 5x Points Promotion is still going on, and we’ve been posting tons of awesome ecchi doujinshi comics and artbooks to the site. We’ve got all the new works by Tony Taka, the artist who’s so awesome, he can work with Sega and Sony with one hand, and draw extremely naughty doujins for us to enjoy with the other.

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